Daughters of Ishtar
Women's Mysteries & Feminine Wisdom for the Contemporary World

Custom-designed ceremonies by Ishara

Personal and community rituals and rites of passage to celebrate new beginnings and milestones...
eg. blessing circles for brides, pregnant mamas, new babies;

legal weddings & handfasting ceremonies;
house blessings for new homes;
naming ceremonies & baby blessings;
menarche, coming of teenage, coming of age;
croning or wisewoman ceremonies;
senior birthdays...

... and honour life's endings
eg. the end of a marriage or long-term relationship, bereavement, the last child leaving home, retirement from working life

Ishara offer a full range of ceremonies to mark each of the important transitional moments in a woman's life, including menarche rites for young girls and coming of age ceremonies, as well as ceremonies to support and celebrate the mature woman's passage into her wisewoman years.

When you choose Ishara as your celebrant, you will be getting the benefit of over fourteen years of experience in designing and facilitating meaningful ceremonies and rituals.

Assistance to clarify your intention for the ceremony

The most moving, memorable ceremonies are ones which truly reflect the person - your unique qualities, needs and values - and actively engage the circle of community around you. Such a ceremony builds a shared sense of meaningfulness and connection. When the intention behind the ceremony is clear, the resulting experience is so much more powerful.

For this reason, I generally begin the ceremony planning process with an initial consultation oriented toward drawing out the story of your personal journey. The intention here is to help clarify not only the who, what, when, where and how of your ceremony, but most importantly, to delve deeper into the why of it. Together we'll be exploring: what is it you aspire to create through holding this ceremony?

When you book an initial appointment to discuss your desires for your own unique ceremony, you will receive:

Ceremonies tailored to reflect the unique being you are!

At your second planning appointment, you will have the opportunity to bring along your completed personal wishlist, so that I can weave my special magic to create a ceremony outline that is uniquely your own. At this appointment we will also look at the practical arrangements, including any special equipment or materials that may be needed.

If you choose, during this appointment I can also provide you with materials and assistance to create your own hand-made invitations - a lovely touch for any special occasion.

Depending upon the nature of the ceremony (eg. chosen venue, number of guests, etc) a follow-up consultation/walk-through to finalise preparations for the ceremony in your chosen venue may be appropriate.

Creating a sacred space for your ceremony

You may choose to hold your ceremony in your own home or garden, hire a venue, or choose an outdoor location such as a public park or beach.

Attention to the way the space is arranged and decorated is an important part of preparation for a truly special experience. You may wish to evoke the atmosphere of a sacred cave, a goddess temple, an ancient throne room... Or perhaps you want to conjure up a fairy ring, a sacred grove or a garden shrine...

I can advise on simple touches - such as colour choices, placement of special symbolic items, flowers, candles, etc - which can transform your ritual space into someplace out of the ordinary.

On the day of the ceremony, I will arrive at the venue 30 minutes early, and can assist with the setting up of a sacred altar space with any special items which are required for the ceremony.

Professional facilatation for your special occasion

You may choose to make your special ceremony quite intimate, inviting only the closest of your friends or family-members to be with you. Or youmay wish to plan a larger celebration involving a more expansive circle of community. In either case, engaging a professional celebrant means that you can hand over your responsibilities as hostess for the duration of the ceremony and allow yourself to be fully centred in your own experience of this special occasion.

As your celebrant, it is part of my role to draw people together and set the stage by briefly outlining how the ceremony will unfold. As we gather the people together, I find it helpful to remind them of your intention for this ceremony, and to invite them to hold this in their hearts and minds as we open a special/sacred space for you.

When we are ready to begin, I will formally open the ceremony and then guide the smooth flow of words and actions and the subtle energy these generate. As the celebrant, I am responsible for managing the pacing of the ceremony, and for modelling and drawing people into participation in the appropriate places. And I bring the ceremony to a close when we are done.

Bestowing the Blessings of the Goddess

My work as a celebrant is under-pinned by my spiritual vocation as a priestess. Personally, I enjoy opportunities to honour our connection to nature - this land and the wider planet - and to offer reverence to all aspects of the divine feminine, whereever She is found, in generative darkness as in the radiant light of the sun, moon and stars. As a dedicated priestess of the Great Mother Goddess, I am empowered to bestow Her blessings as part of your ceremony, if you should desire this.

I also very much enjoy working with women from other faith traditions, as well as those whose spiritual path does not have a particular name, to create a ceremony which will respect and reflect their personal beliefs and values.


The cost of the initial ceremony design consultation is $60. Phone and email consultations are also available.

At the end of the initial design consultation you will have a clear statement of your intention for the ceremony and how it fits into the bigger story of your life. You will also have some suggestions for activities and symbols you may like to include in your ceremony outline.

There is no obligation to proceed beyond this point, but if you do wish to book a full celebrancy package I will draw up a simple service agreement setting out our mutual expectations, the total price, and the amount of the non-refundable booking deposit which applies.

A full celebrancy package includes:

Full celebrancy packages cost between $200 and $500 dependant on the nature of the ceremony, venue, number of guests and other costs involved.

Feel free to browse these pages in search of inspiration for your ceremony.. Or contact Ishara for skilled assistance to co-create the totally unique ceremony that reflects your distinctive personal qualities and desires!