Daughters of Ishtar
Women's Mysteries & Feminine Wisdom for the Contemporary World

Ishtar Mysteries

The mysteries of the Goddess have relevance for all of us, male and female, living in the times we do. But they have an especial relevance for contemporary women.

The flow of menstrual blood, love-making, conception, quickening, birth, first breath, baby at the breast, moments of woman-power and autonomy..
These ordinary yet sacred moments touch upon mysteries which occur over and over again in both the inward and the outer lives of women.

What does it mean to be alive and a woman in the opening decades of the twenty-first century?
What difference does it make to experience oneself quite literally as an embodiment of the Divine in feminine form?
What experiences and expressions does this call us to?

The work of a mystery school is to awaken its initiates to a deeper/expanded understanding of who they are and their place in the bigger picture of the cosmos.

There can be no doubt that we are living at a turning point in human history. As the dominant global culture overbalances, women and men all over this beautiful blue-green planet are seeking to rebalance by reintegrating feminine values eg. valuing relationship, co-operation, direct experience and intuitive ways of knowing as guiding principles in how we live our lives. This shift is reflected in a growing global feeling amongst women that it is up to us, collectively, to lead the way.

Through our mystery school, Daughters of Ishtar offers contemporary women a pathway to deepening relationship with the Divine Feminine in our daily lives and embodied experience, which can empower us to embrace this challenge both individually and as a sisterhood. By awakening individual women to the gifts they were born to, we aim to create a ripple effect enabling the blessings of the Divine Feminine to flow out into the lives of their families and communities, and on out through the web of connected consciousness which encompasses this precious planet, the Earth.

The mystery school and its ceremonies are open to women of all ages and life-stages who wish to deepen their connection with the Feminine Divine. Whatever your existing religious/spiritual affiliations may be, your curiousity, open mind and open heart are most welcome.

Priestess Pathway

A year-long process for women wanting to deepen their personal relationship with the Divine Feminine through the eightfold cycle of the Ishtar mysteries.
Involves a monthly discussion circle, as well as personal practices and guided reflection to explore a variety of themes and topics, including an in depth exploration of each of the eight mystery points. as well as a monthly discussion circle. We will be celebrating a ritual for each of the eight mysteries. An online circle is available for those who are unable to attend our monthly gatherings.
For those who wish to make a further commitment to their priestess path, the year-long journey will conclude with a personal initiation.

Next course is scheduled to begin in February 2009, subject to interest. Please contact Ishara for more information or to register an interest.

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