Daughters of Ishtar
Women's Mysteries & Feminine Wisdom for the Contemporary World

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Invoking the blessings of the Great Goddess. Celebrating our innate sacredness and spirituality as women. Healing and transforming our embodied life-experiences.

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Coming Soon: A Practical Introduction to Goddess Spirituality

Exploring the practice of Goddess-centred spirituality for the contemporary world, Ishara will take you on a guided journey into the heart of the Great Mother, drawing inspiration from ancient images, world mythology and our own hearts and minds. If you feel drawn to the Goddess but are not sure where to start, or if you've been doing some reading and exploring on your own but would like to connect and share with kindred spirits, then this might just be the course you've been looking for.

Is there something special that could further support you in your journey of unfoldment as a woman?   I am always open to your suggestions for Daughters of Ishtar and my own work as a priestess.  Please drop me a line or call me to discuss your needs.

Yours, in the service of the Goddess,   Catherine Ishara de Garis.