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The vision that informs and inspires Daughters of Ishtar
About Ishara (Catherine de Garis)

Choosing Ishara as your celebrant / priestess

Women's Life Passages - rites of passage for contemporary women

Passage to Womanhood
Budding (menarche) ceremonies for girls aged 11-13 years
& Blossoming (coming of age) ceremonies for girls on the threshold of womanhood (16-18 years)

Passage to Partnership
Blessing ceremonies for women on the eve of marriage/commitment
Handfastings & commitment ceremonies
Bestowing the blessings of the Goddess on your relationship

Passage to Motherhood
Blessingway ceremonies for pregnant and new mothers
Baby blessings, naming and welcoming ceremonies

Passage to Wisdom
"Full Bloom" midlife celebration for women
Wisewoman or croning ceremonies

Healing Ceremonies for Women
WomanPower healing ceremony
WomanGrace healing ceremony

Ishtar Mysteries - discovering the Goddess through women's ceremonies

Mother's House - vision for a dedicated sacred space

What's On - calendar & current offerings from Daughters of Ishtar

Help realise the vision - participate in an online survey about your needs & ideas for a dedicated sacred goddess space

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